How We Work with Businesses

MediaAMP’s media asset management solutions support companies like yours in three key ways.

Training and learning

  • Employee onboarding

    Create a digital onboarding playlist to bring new employees up to speed quickly and cost effectively.
  • Employee education

    Deliver courses, workshops and seminars online using MediaAMP’s digital playlists and collaboration tools.
The MediaAMP platform can connect to all kinds of presentation tools and ingests content from anywhere. Does it interface with platform X? The answer is yes.

Tom Lewis

Director of Academic and Collaborative Applications
University of Washington

Communication and collaboration

  • Internal communications

    Broadcast corporate messages, communicate strategies and solicit feedback across your organization.
  • Knowledge sharing

    Make it easy for employees to share information and resources across teams, departments, stores and offices.
The MediaAMP platform is stable and robust, and the Modalis interface is easy to use.

Chris Schedler

Executive Director of Multimodal Learning
Central Washington University

Marketing and monetization

  • Employee recruitment

    Attract top talent by using digital media to advertise job postings and boost your brand profile among key audiences.
  • Prospective client marketing

    Gain clients by using digital media to raise brand awareness, promote products and services, and close deals.
  • Paid content delivery

    Provide subscribers with access to a curated selection of digital media, while protecting your valuable digital library.

Technology Partners and Integrations

MediaAMP solutions integrate seamlessly with your favorite tools.

canvas, wordpress, adobe, drupal, blackboard, google, zoom, moodle.