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Media asset management for universities, colleges, technical institutes and online learning institutions of all shapes and sizes

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Business Solutions

Media asset management for human resources, marketing, IT and other teams in companies across industries

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Why MediaAMP?

You don’t have to choose security over efficiency, cost savings over accessibility. With the MediaAMP platform, you can have it all.

Make the most of your digital content

  • Centralize your digital media

    The MediaAMP platform gathers, organizes and stores digital media in a single spot for better visibility and version control.
  • Provide on-demand access

    Our platform’s cloud-based structure makes it possible to find and access digital media on demand—anytime, anywhere.
  • Empower users and boost reach

    Our intuitive Modalis interface makes it easy for approved users to find, manage and use your digital media.
  • Improve planning

    Rich analytics provide valuable insights into how your digital media is being used so you can create compelling new content.

Save time and money

  • Easy to deploy

    The MediaAMP platform can be used “out-of-the-box” or customized to suit your organization’s unique workflows.
  • Easy to maintain

    Your digital media is stored in the cloud, eliminating the need to invest in and manage expensive data centers.
  • Easy to use

    Seamless integration with your existing libraries and favorite tools enables automation and one-click publishing.

Minimize risk

  • Protect your brand

    MediaAMP’s robust platform provides reliable service and comprehensive backup and recovery you can count on.
  • Be in control

    Permissions-based access lets you determine who accesses your digital media and how your intellectual property is used.
  • Keep sensitive information secure

    Our platform offers encrypted storage and is compliant with key regulations, including HIPAA, FERPA and SCORM.
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How our Platform Works

The power of MediaAMP

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Technology Partners and Integrations

MediaAMP solutions integrate seamlessly with your favorite tools.

canvas, wordpress, adobe, drupal, blackboard, google, zoom, moodle.