How it all Started

MediaAMP was founded in 2011 as an incubated technology service operating within the University of Washington in Seattle. Our founding partners, Laurens Banker and Paul Marcontell, were tasked with designing a private cloud for the University capable of managing, protecting and delivering digital media globally using a flexible, extensible and agnostic framework. The goal? To transform complex and labor-intensive workflows into streamlined processes that add value and reduce costs.


With our focus on Higher Education and our deep understanding of how colleges and universities operate in the real world, MediaAMP has emerged as a leader in cloud-based media management solutions. The MediaAMP team possesses decades of combined domain experience with large scale projects in complex environments. We provide engineering leadership, expertise and ongoing support to ensure successful migrations, solution development, and comprehensive training.


Following the successful deployment of the University of Washington’s private cloud, MediaAMP launched as a private company in 2015. Today, we provide robust and scalable media asset management solutions for organizations and companies in education and beyond.

What Sets Us Apart

MediaAMP may not be the only player in the media asset management space, but our platform and our people really set us apart. Here’s how.

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We speak your language.

Our roots are in education, so we understand the unique challenges of universities, colleges and digital learning environments.

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We’re here to help.

The MediaAMP team is nimble and responsive, providing customized solutions, seamless integration and personalized customer care.

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Our platform can evolve with you.

The MediaAMP platform is flexible by design, capable of scaling and adapting as your organization’s needs change over time.

Our Leadership Team

Laurens Banker

Founder & CEO at MediaAMP, Inc.

After spending 15 years in senior technical and management roles in Information Technology management at the University of Washington, Laurens co-founded MediaAMP to address the need for a proven, secure and scalable cloud platform for digital assets, artifacts, and media in education and commercial enterprises.

While at University of Washington, Laurens specialized in Digital Asset Management, Secure Content Repositories, and Streaming Media.  Before that, Laurens worked as a Software Engineer for the Walt Disney Internet Group in Seattle developing web properties such as, and


You can find Lauren’s LinkedIn profile here

You can reach Laurens by email at: 

Laurens <at> mediaamp <dot> io

Paul Marcontell

Founder & CTO at MediaAMP, Inc.

Paul is passionate about understanding user problems and then solving them with technology. He co-founded MediaAMP with the goal of turning a proven, secure and scalable solution at the University of Washington into a service any organization could use.

After joining the UW in 2004, Paul worked in engineering and technology roles to support media and broadcast systems before moving to IT and software to help the University map academic needs to emerging media management platforms. From gathering client requirements to writing and debugging code to wrangling servers, Paul wears many hats at MediaAMP and finds no greater joy than solving a tricky problem. Born in Texas, he calls the Pacific Northwest home, and currently lives in Seattle.


You can find Paul’s LinkedIn profile here

You can reach Paul by email at: 

Paul <at> mediaamp <dot> io