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Media asset management for universities, colleges, technical institutes and online learning institutions of all shapes and sizes

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Business Solutions

Media asset management for human resources, marketing, IT and other teams in companies across industries

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Why MediaAMP?

You don’t have to choose security over efficiency, cost savings over accessibility. With the MediaAMP platform, you can have it all.

Make the most of your digital media.

Our platform centralizes your digital media in the cloud, making it possible to find and access digital media on demand—anytime, anywhere.

Save time and money.

Our cloud-based solutions eliminate the need for expensive data centers and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and favorite tools.

Minimize risk.

Our robust platform provides dependable service, keeps sensitive information secure and lets you determine who accesses your digital media.

MediaAMP in Action

Here are a few examples of MediaAMP solutions at work.

Arizona State University

Future-proofing media asset management
MediaAMP provides a single cloud-based media asset management solution for managing all types of digital media for 8,500+ courses across the University’s 20+ colleges. “They customized their workflow to meet our needs and integrate seamlessly with our other tools,” explains director of information technology services Jim Casey. “It gave us confidence that MediaAMP can integrate with anything.”

Central Washington University

Managing digital media university-wide
From multimodal learning, to public affairs, and libraries and archives, the MediaAMP platform integrates seamlessly with systems university-wide to provide a single solution for meeting the diverse digital media needs of different teams. “Because MediaAMP was developed at a university, the team understands academic needs,” says executive director of multimodal learning Chris Schedler.

University of Washington

Making media asset management dependable
The powerful MediaAMP platform and intuitive Modalis interface make it possible for faculty and staff to quickly and easily access and deliver digital media wherever and whenever they want. “There are other solutions, but they’re not as reliable and the functionality is limited,” explains director of academic and collaborative applications Tom Lewis. “MediaAMP is stable and strong.”
MediaAMP’s level of innovation and ability to anticipate future needs is unparalleled. They are ahead of their time.

Phil Reid

Deputy CIO
University of Washington

Technology Partners and Integrations

MediaAMP solutions integrate seamlessly with your favorite tools.

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